Your unique jewel tells your story

Each piece of jewellery gets my full attention and I build it with great care. I listen to your story, think out the concept and look for the right materials. Your unique piece of jewellery consists of different components, each of which has its specificy. Every part of your jewel tells a story, your story. Thanks to these precious metals, your story becomes a reality and becomes tangible.

“Each jewel recognises its owner”


The textures of ancient Egypt incorporated into precious metals.

The textures of ancient Egypt incorporated into precious metals. This technique originated in the Pharaonic era. The Egyptians used the lost wax technique to create timeless jewellery with which they wished their loved ones affection and protection. The age-old craft gives the jewel a soul. The incidence of illumination over the irregularities and the alternation of the shiny and matt parts in the metal, make the story come alive.

Unique stories translated into noble materials for all generations

Family jewelelry is an heirloom treasured by every generation. The jewellery represents a story, memories shared from mother to daughter and from grandfather to grandson. They tell the history of a family across generations, thanks to the durability of beautiful gems and precious metals. These jewels took on a character and became an embodiment of a story, a tangible memory. The story has the opportunity to grow further provided, whether or not, minor adjustments to the form.

“Noble materials have a strength that defies time.”