To The Moon And Back For Love

Pendant in white, yellow and pink gold with red sapphires, diamonds freshwater pearls on a yellow golden omega chain.


Charles and Marie perpetuate the story of their 25th wedding anniversary in a jewel. To honour their fond memories, different kind of pendants and styles are tested on Marie’s neck. A necklace in the style such as ‘La Palette de Félice’ is chosen.

The Quest

Marie and Charles share a love for pearls and also ask for a deep red coloured stone in the necklace. To embellish the pendant and give it more dynamism, a dangling gemstone is incorporated to the design. Important aspect: the pendant should not make any noise while worn around the neck.

Once I have a clear view on the story and all the wishes and requirements of Marie and Charles, I start looking for the right components for the jewel. With a cherry red sapphire and small fresh water pearls in hand I can now build up the other parts of the pendant. Finally the puzzle takes shape.